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Compliance Modelling

Compliance Modelling

Access our streamlined energy model process:

  • Full access to our engineering and modelling team across your design phases.
  • Modelling at schematic stage to guide design.
  • All compliance modelling, reporting, and analytics helping you deliver top class results.



Performance Modelling

Performance Modelling

Take your sustainable projects to the next level:

  • Everything in Compliance Modelling.
  • Early stage analytics.
  • Modelling and reporting at each design stage with unlimited iterations.
  • Industry standard process following CIBSE TM54 protocols.
  • System and controls optimisation. 
ElevationZ Net Zero

ElevationZ Net Zero

Deliver net zero buildings and communities:

  • Everything in Performance Modelling.
  • Detailed strategy workshops during each design stage, following the RISE workflow.
  • All reporting in accordance with relevant net zero certification.
  • Implementation guidance for build phase and operational phase to deliver net zero.
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Energy Advisory

  • Respond to Societal and Governmental Pressures: Our expertise in energy efficiency and sustainability ensures your projects meet these growing demands.
  • Advanced Energy Modelling for Future Viability: We provide detailed performance modelling that anticipates future market trends and regulatory shifts, ensuring your projects remain viable and competitive in the long term.

  • Investor Readiness: We provide your Investors with the detail and support required to satisfy their ESG commitments

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How it Works - Elevation's ALT Process.



  • We get on the same page with clients about their project goals and how to make their buildings sustainable.
  • We collect all the digital data we need and follow CIBSE TM54 guidelines for keeping energy use low.
  • We study trends from similar projects to bring the value of past learning.
  • We agree compliance and code targets.


  1. We use a wide range of factors to create a detailed model of the building's performance.
  2. We support on design ideation that follows CIBSE TM54 guidelines and help reach net-zero targets.
  3. We help to refine the design and optimization, ensuring the design meets CIBSE TM54 operational energy targets and future readiness.
  4. Our MEP experience allows us to bring forward new control and technology ideas to support the project when required.


  1. We develop detailed digital reports visualizing multi-faceted design performance, including operational energy use per CIBSE TM54.
  2. We optimise compliance pathways, meaning you get to focus on design.
  3. We facilitate interactive review and refinement sessions with clients, allowing full transparency on energy and carbon performance.
  4. We offer post-implementation support and real-time performance comparison, using a design digital twin to gauge operational energy performance.

We Work Across the Value Chain

Design Teams

Design Teams

  • A full suite of building performance analytics and simulation services from load analysis, shading, thermal comfort and daylight; to system and building optimisation.
  • Full compliance modelling services to all codes and standards.
  • Robust reporting using best in class industry standards setting you and your projects apart from your competitors.
Investors and Developers

Investors and Developers

  • Detailed building modelling to create digital twins, supporting high performance buildings across your portfolio.
  • Energy and carbon advisory servcies to safeguard your net zero journey, and ensure your funding obligations are met from the very first stage of your project.
  • Lifecyle analysis of energy and carbon of planned buildings, providing reporting on options to reduce overall energy and carbon impacts.
Owners and Occupants

Owners and Occupants

  • We deliver a digital twin product which monitors and optimizes your building / leased space and its systems delivering unparalleled levels of energy efficiency and reporting.
  • We help reduce your energy bills and can also enhance your thermal comfort levels – improving user experience and productivity.
  • We roadmap your energy reduction and decarbonisation strategy.

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Our buildings are being designed with too little foresight on the energy and carbon impact. Designing for compliance to code only, means we miss huge opportunities and value to deliver a decarbonised built environment.

Until now - Elevation are delivering a market leading solution to our industry's greatest challenge: decarbonisation.

We are dedicated to a more sustainable built environment and deliver a design for performance solution. One that allows designers, developers, and asset owners to manage and track building enerby and carbon from early design throught to building operation.


Net Zero Demands Action

The built environment is responsible for 39% of total global carbon emissions. We are here to help reduce our industry's impact on the planet.

Our competitors remain focused only on code compliance, we do so much more and our approach follows an approach of first designing out energy needs by supporting your passive and low energy buildng designs. Then optimising plant and equipment efficiency to deliver tangible results on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. Our process is proven to:

Reduce Carbon

Reduce Energy Demand

Reduce Capital Project Costs


We support all green building codes and standards.

NABERS, LEED, Mostadam, Estidama, BREEAM, Part L, Section 6 (and more)...

You name it and we have it covered. Building performance modelling allows us to take your designs to the next level and deliver net zero, while also allowing you to be sure that your legal and legislative requirements are met on your projects.


Elevation delivers:

State of the art Energy Advisory Services

HVAC optimisation

Daylight analytics

Thermal comfort simulation

Load analysis

Renewables optimisation

Energy modelling for code compliance

And many more, just ask!


What got us here won't get us there...

(Marshall Goldsmith)

Our industry has delivered great buildings and projects but at a cost to the environment. We must now reflect on how we design, build and operate our built environment and ensure our decisons move us towards our net zero targets.

Elevation is your partner for a more sustainable built environment.